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For more than 60 years, clinicians have been assessing complement components to measure deficiencies or abnormalities.
1 Expand your vision, don't narrow it Some complements are obvious: Hot dogs and ketchup, printers and cartridges, razors and blades, right and left shoes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 17, 2014-Tauriga Sciences enters into license agreement with Targeted Medical Pharma for launch of new cannabis complements product line
Complements, adjuncts and predicator are the three main elements of the clause structure.
For example, phasal predicates such as archesthai 'start' or pauein 'stop' take either infinitive or participial complements. The occurrence of these two complement clause types seems to be related to the aspectual features of the situation being described.
(Harvard Business School Press, 2004), advocates paying attention to "products that tend to be consumed together," or what economists call complements (e.g., PCs and digital cameras).
These services include seven-day-a-week security, sanitation and park operations; marketing, tourist and retail services; a $20 million streetscape program, and a horticulture program that complements these new amenities.
Abstract The main purpose of this paper is using the elementary method to study the calculating problem of one kind infinite series involving the k-th power complements, and obtain several interesting identities.
Seven patterns are discussed; transitive verbs selecting into -ing complements, transitive verbs selecting out of -ing complements, intransitive verbs selecting on -ing complements, adjectives selecting to infinitive and to -ing complements, intransitive verbs selecting to infinitive and to -ing complements, nouns selecting to infinitive and to -ing complements, and intrasitive verbs selecting towards/toward - ing.
* complements: hues opposite each other on the color wheel.
"We're pleased to award F5 the OPSEC certification for their BIG-IP product, which complements Check Point's VPN-1 Pro product by ensuring the maximum availability, higher performance and scalability of our solution," said Upesh Patel, Director of Business Development at Check Point Software.
Adams was interested in what mathematicians call knot complements: the three-dimensional shapes left behind when a knotted loop is drilled out of three-dimensional space, like a wormhole through an apple (SN: 12/8/01, p.