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Recently, a patient in his late twenties was admitted with a cervical spine injury after a diving accident that would have otherwise left him with complete paralysis.
And this crisis has led to an almost complete paralysis of the legislative authority and the slowdown in the work of the executive authority as well as a negative reflection on the economic situation.
Researchers have said that Zika-related Guillain-Barre Syndrome cases that occurred during a recent outbreak in French Polynesia led to lingering paralysis in about half of the 42 people affected, or about one case of lingering partial or complete paralysis per 14,000 residents.
A fundraising campaign was set up following the crash that left Adam, from Roath, Cardiff, unable to breathe and with locked-in syndrome, meaning complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles.
At the top of most people's lists would be locked-in syndrome: complete paralysis and inability to communicate other than by blinking.
Electrical stimulation of the facial muscles not only preserves the muscle bulk in complete paralysis, but also has a psychological benefit.
He now has complete paralysis below the neck and needs 24-hour care, the court heard.
Quality of motor block was assessed at the same intervals and graded according to Modified Lovett's Scoring journal as Grade 6-Normal, Grade 5--slightly reduced muscular force, Grade 4--pronounced reduction, Grade 3--slightly impaired mobility, Grade 2--pronounced mobility impairment, Grade 1--Almost complete paralysis, Grade 0--Complete paralysis.
Our vision, through this device, is to return function and mobility to patients with complete paralysis by recording brain activity and converting the acquired signals into electrical commands, which in turn would lead to movement of the limbs through a mobility assist device like an exoskeleton.
Meanwhile, more than 100 people suffering from partial or complete paralysis, or whose legs were amputated because of the ongoing crisis in Syria, benefited from QC's electric wheelchairs project.
Soriano would make it to Ripley's Believe It or Not as the judge who convicted Jeff Quesada, who suffers from complete paralysis, of rape.
The destruction of these neurons causes complete paralysis of the muscles they control.

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