complete standstill

See: impasse
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And, briefly, what occurred was that Tom, bringing to the fray a pent-up fury which his adversary had had no time to generate, fought Ted to a complete standstill in the space of two minutes and a half.
The fact that he was able to essentially come to a complete standstill in the RSA and then get going again means he must stay pretty well, as that is an extraordinary thing to do.
Summary: Multiple accidents on Thursday brought all 7 lanes of Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Road to a complete standstill
The usual bustle of life and activity that typifies the city under the sun suddenly slackens to almost a complete standstill.
traffic complete Beth, on Facebook, said: "If anyone's planning on going north up the A19 I seriously wouldn't bother, the traffic is at a complete standstill and looks like a bad accident.
Lisa Jane Williams said: "We're heading westbound home, the traffic on the other side is awful, complete standstill.
THESE 'model' students at Birmingham City University brought a city pub to a complete standstill - by staging their own Mannequin Challenge.
Peace efforts have been at a complete standstill since April 2014.
The Sena line built in 1914 by the then British company Trans-Zambezi Railways (TZR) was at a complete standstill for 20 years in the civil war ended in 1992.
As experts from the Royal Logistical Corps (EOD) were brought in to examine the device, the closure stretched from Tarbock Island and Junction 1 of the M57, down to Speke Road, bringing traffic to a complete standstill.
When the BEMF detects zero EMF, establishing that the motor has come to a complete standstill, it releases a trapped key corresponding to a lock on the machine's guard hatch.
Inevitably, if that many homes are built, for that many new homes it will be easy to commute into Cardiff and it could bring Rhiwbina, Llanishen and Birchgrove to an almost complete standstill at rush hour.

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