complete standstill

See: impasse
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And, briefly, what occurred was that Tom, bringing to the fray a pent-up fury which his adversary had had no time to generate, fought Ted to a complete standstill in the space of two minutes and a half.
As heavy rains continued to fall in Chennai on Wednesday, several parts of the city have come to a complete standstill.
The effect of this was to bring traffic heading into the city to a complete standstill for quite a time.
But I realised there was something wrong once I passed the Wednesbury junction - and I came to a complete standstill.
In vehicles with DSG, it can intervene to such an extent that the car may be slowed to a complete standstill.
SLOW TRAIN THROUGH AFRICA WITH GRIFF RHYS JONES ITV 9pm Griff's gentle train ride comes to a complete standstill when the heavy rains of the wet season wash away some of the railway lines in Tanzania.
Traffic on the M57 | |was brought to a complete standstill after the crash
He said that on a wet road the distance required for a car to come to a complete standstill is usually twice that of when driving on a dry road.
Kolkata: Cyclone Hudhud, which has devastated the coastal town of Visakhapatnam on Sunday, bringing the three states Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to a complete standstill, is named after the national bird of Israel on the suggestion of Oman, a member of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), an agency of the United Nations.
AIADMK workers also set up road blockades in Chennai, causing vehicular movement to come to a complete standstill in different parts of the city.
The expediency of principle IT was something and nothing yet it brought one of Huddersfield's most vital roads to a complete standstill.
42pm, traffic had come to a complete standstill in Dokki, Agouza and KitKat because of the flocks of livestock that were gambolling around the streets.

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