complete substitution

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AG, who requested anonymity, asks for complete substitution for the corrupt judiciary by those who apply the law fairly without being biased to those in power.
The replacement market is expected to be a substantial driver for the rotating equipment industry as old equipment undergoes overhaul (pumps and compressors typically), retrofits, part replacements or complete substitution with improved technology.
Although complete substitution of MCT oil for vegetable oils in cooking is not feasible as a result of its low smoking point, the studies demonstrated that the protective effects of MCT were dose-dependent.
Several alternatives that can be broadly classified as grasses and agro wastes, both in partial and complete substitution to bagasse, were evaluated and research is currently ongoing.
Freudenberg's target is the complete substitution of DOTG.
However, added Gallagher, considering the significant part that fish represent in the diet of many farmed fish species, a complete substitution of marine ingredients would lead to less healthy products for fish and consumers.
The fourth party accused in the murder of Love of Reading is the almost complete substitution of current, popular literature for the classics.
Pulp and Paper Mills," credits the steady decline in these advisories to the virtual elimination of dioxin discharges due to complete substitution of chlorine dioxide for chlorine gas in the first stage of chemical pulp bleaching--so called elemental chlorine-free (ECF).
crosslinked robber and (expanded) TPV, can be considered as an interesting interim solution on the way towards a complete substitution of robber profiles.
The structure of the tetradeca-(3-fluorotyrosyl) M1-1 glutathione S-transferase (3-FTyr GST) was the first x-ray crystal structure with complete substitution of tyrosine with 3-fluorotyrosine.
Jeffrey Gilman, an expert on nanocomposites and flame resistance in polymers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, believes clay alone won't reduce flammability enough to allow for complete substitution for PBDEs; adding more clay does not yield a corresponding decrease in flammability, he says, and can yield a very rigid, concrete-like polymer.

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