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A few steps cut in the WHOOPJAMBOREEHOO enabled us to walk completely under this, and feast our eyes upon one of the loveliest objects in creation.
But the count completely baffled the procureur, and prevented him from discovering anything beneath the never-varying smile he was so constantly in the habit of assuming.
Both horse and horseman were extricated without any damage, excepting that the latter was completely drenched, so that it was necessary to kindle a fire to dry him.
Fatigued with my long-continued efforts, and panting for breath, I felt myself completely incapacitated for any further exertion.
To have attempted to cross that floor would have been to court instant death, and for a moment I was almost completely discouraged.
Sir Francis M 's address was completely overshadowed.
cried the unhappy governor, in a paroxysm of terror, and completely dumbfounded.
When I had gotten within a mile or so of my home I was so completely tired out that I could not walk any farther, and I went into an old, abandoned house to spend the remainder of the night.
By discarding a claim to knowledge of the ultimate purpose, we shall clearly perceive that just as one cannot imagine a blossom or seed for any single plant better suited to it than those it produces, so it is impossible to imagine any two people more completely adapted down to the smallest detail for the purpose they had to fulfill, than Napoleon and Alexander with all their antecedents.
A bomb passed through the roof of his house in Sackville Street, completely shattering the apartment in which he was sitting.
I don't think I realized that she had vanished so completely.
All at once he perceived furrows and little mounds of earth on the beds which only the evening before had been as smooth as a mirror, all at once he perceived the symmetrical rows of his tulips to be completely disordered, like the pikes of a battalion in the midst of which a shell has fallen.

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