completely end

See: destroy, void
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Earlier Trump indicated to bring a resolution to push North Korea dictated by Kim Jong Un to completely end its nuclear missile program through North Korea said to not negotiate on those terms.
We need to work together to completely end terrorism financing, recruitment, propaganda, and extremist ideologies," Sheikh Mohammed added.
He said that the US must retake the weapons given to the PKK/YPG group and completely end its cooperation with the terrorists, adding that "We wouldn't want to see any allies there".
The spokesman said markets were being regularly visited and staff was conducting raids to completely end encroachments.
To completely end child labour, a helpline would be introduced within two months, he added.
Monitors from the International Labour Organization (ILO) have found that the systematic use of child labour in Uzbekistan's cotton harvest has come to an end over the past few years and that concrete measures to completely end the use of forced labour are being implemented.
The president said extending Martial Law would help state forces to completely end rebellion in Mindanao.
The war would completely end when foreign powers stop supporting terrorist groups in Syria, and when Turkey closes its borders,AaAaAeA{AaAaAeAo Atteya stipulated.
The decision to completely end the tolls follows years of lobbying and exhaustive campaigning by MPs and AMs.
They aim to completely end the "institutionalisation of children" by 2050.
DGS&D has developed Government e-Marketplace (GeM), a completely end to end procurement system for purchase of common use goods and services by Government buyers.
The Cuban-Texan relationship didn't completely end with the embargo.

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