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Unless your film is being financed by a single source, you're going to need a completion bond, because the bank will demand it,'' said Gina Resnick, producer of the soon-to-be-released ``Female Perversions.
Well completions are recorded when testing is completed and a final well status is determined and reported.
Gastar has commenced completion operations for the Wildman Trust #2 with initial production expected by the first week of October.
Geologically, the play is described as a broad area of gas-saturated, low permeability Wolfcamp dolomite, which historically has responded relatively poorly to conventional drilling and completion techniques.
5 percent in 1992, with 6,828 oil completions tallied domestically through year-end compared to 9,419 a year earlier.
We are pleased with the production rates from this initial completion and will add additional completions in the remaining lower Bossier pay zones in the near future.
2 percent from the 6,885 oil completions reported domestically during the like period in 1991.
10%) in the drilling and completion of two wells; the Boyd #1 and the Inglish #2 both of which have been drilled but not yet completed.
Oil completions eroded nearly 27 percent in the first half of the year, from 4,131 to 3,019, while the number of gas completions dropped 26 percent in the first six months, to 1,844 from 2,487 a year ago.
Landmark also provides customized business and private aircraft completions at Associated Air Center in Dallas and at Springfield, Ill.
7 percent from the 1,500 oil completions recorded a year ago.