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This complex is exactly the type of property that is the bread and butter of our business and the type of asset that Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates has a unique expertise operating and managing.
When they again approved the expansion of Tejon Industrial Complex last November, the supervisors were uniformly complimentary of Tejon Ranch's efforts to clean the air.
1 -- color) A SWAT officer in a gas mask checks around an apartment complex looking for a sniper who ambushed deputies.
6 million in equity in exchange for tax credits generated by the complex.
The forth chapter deals with 1-(2,4-difluorophenyl)-1H-pyrrole titanium complex market trends review, distinguish 1-(2,4-difluorophenyl)-1H-pyrrole titanium complex manufacturers and suppliers.
After the shifting of sessions courts to the Judicial Complex, other dispersed courts in the city including tribunal accountability courts, special judge central, drug court, consumer court and custom court would also be shifted to the complex besides that plan was underway to construct an under-pass to connect district courts with the newly erected Judicial Complex in order to approach the complex easily and avoid traffic hurdle.
Although Bistricer said that Clipper Equity was committed to preserve long-term affordability at the complex, experts have warned that in order to make a healthy return he may have to compromise some of Starrett City's historic position as a provider of homes for working and middle class families through the Mitchell-Lama program, which provides tax breaks to developers.
Because investment decisions in the financial world rely on speed and decimal point accuracy, corporate treasuries need complex technology that simultaneously speeds and simplifies investment decision information.
5 million, is a major reconfiguration and rehabilitation of 98,000 square feet of the existing complex and its building support systems; expansion of the existing main building by 40,000 square feet; and construction of a new central plant.
I can't emphasize enough the degree to which these facilities are archaic," says David Overskei, who headed the task force that looked at restructuring the complex.
He also says being near a good school will help your resell value, but purchasing near a freeway, business complex, or an airport may hurt your chances of selling.
cepacia complex have been reported in non-CF patients, principally associated with the use of contaminated disinfectants, anaesthetic solutions, and invasive treatments such as urinary and intravenous catheterization (8).