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Jan 3: UBL vs SSGC (UBL Sports Complex, Karachi); NBP vs KRL (NBP Sports Complex, Karachi); HBL vs PTV (SBP Sports Complex, Karachi); HBL vs Wapda (Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad).
The first stage of decomposition in the temperature range of 30-2300C may be due to the elimination of water molecule for Copper complex and two water molecules in case of Palladium and Platinum complexes.
Stability of Zn +2 , Mn+2, Co+2 binary andternary complex with 2,3 - DMSO as a primary ligand and some biologically importantamino acids as secondary ligands.
District and Sessions Judges Rawalpindi had formally taken control of the Judicial Complex being constructed on 86 kanals of land while entry to the Judicial Complex will be through walk-through gates.
The sale of another massive affordable housing complex so soon after the city's biggest complex at Stuyvesant Town went to the highest bidder last month has raised more concerns about the future of affordable housing in New York City.
As treasurers face the challenge of achieving organization-wide straight-through processing, an analytics platform needs to be at the base of all systems to handle complex instruments, structured products and quantitative analysis.
The fact that the complex consists of eight separate sites in seven states, all of them represented by lawmakers dedicated to protect those jobs, makes the job of shutting them down even tougher.
Understanding the architecture of complex networks is important, for example, for protecting the World Wide Web from hacker attacks and for designing drugs with few side effects, Barabasi says.
Find out what percentage of the condo units in the complex are rentals.
cepacia complex are difficult to identify by conventional biochemical tests and commercial systems (8).
This enables SpyGlass to detect, at the RT level, very complex design problems such as clock domain crossings, synchronization, tri-state bus decoding, combinational loops, logic cone depth, and complex testability issues.