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At variance with these results, a previous [sup.31]P magic angle spinning NMR and surface complexation modelling study suggested that two outer-sphere ternary complexes can be formed on gibbsite in the presence of both IHP and Cd(II), and the predominant one is dependent on the adsorbate concentration (Ruyter-Hooley et al.
The combination of the (5s5p4d)/[4s4p3d] + 2s1p1d basis set for lanthanoids and the cc-pvdz basis set for non-lanthanoids can be suggested as optimal for further studies of lanthanoid cation complexation as it is a good compromise between cost and accuracy.
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At basic conditions, Cu sorption becomes stronger because of its complexation with the organic matter in sediments [32, 33].
Brugger, "Metal complexation and ion hydration in low density hydrothermal fluids: Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of Cu(I) and Au(I) in chloride solutions (25-1000[degrees]C, 1-5000bar)," Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol.
At low pH, 1:1 & 1:2 complexation dominates over 1:3 species, which are easier to be reduced.
Nanogels were prepared by creating electrostatic interactions and heating-induced complexations between LDL and polysaccharides.
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