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Our results suggest that CD functionalized electrospun PET nanofibers can be promising filtering materials for air filtration and the removal of VOCs due to very high surface area of nanofibrous web and surface associated CD molecules having inclusion complexation capability with VOCs.
The adsorption mechanism of tetracycline antibiotics on red soil was through transportation to oxide surfaces through surface complexation (Figueroa and Mackay 2005) with the rapid speed.
Taking into account the polyfunctionality of HS, the metal complexation with HS may give information about the structure of different HS fractions.
In most cases, the infrared spectra of HEC-g-P(AANa-co-AMPS) will change after adsorbing heavy metal ions due to the ion-exchange at -COONa groups and/or complexation caused by donor groups (e.
Guthrie JW, Hassan NM, Salam MSA, Fasfous II, Murimboh CA, Murimboh J, Chakrabarti CL, Gregoire DC (2005) Complexation of Ni, Cu, Zn, and Cd by DOC in some metal-impacted freshwater lakes: a comparison of approaches using electrochemical determination of free-metal-ion and labile complexes and a computer speciation model, WHAM V and VI.
This is justified because the functions calculated from the theoretical complexation constants are quasi-linear in the range we investigated (8).
All these changes in the FTIR spectra are clear indications for the complexation of PVA (11), (12).
Ligand complexation is typically a stronger reaction than cation exchange and consequently greater complexation promotes mobility.
These include developing automated sequencing strategies of enzymatically cleaved peptides after silver complexation for protein identification (Pearlman and Siu), developing methodologies for determining sites of post- translational protein modifications, such as phosphorylation and methylation (Pearlman and Siu), developing and applying tandem mass spectrometric methods for measuring the metal-ion affinities of amino acids and peptides (Hopkinson and Siu), examining the nature of isobaric interferences in inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry (Bohme), determining the nature of particulates in the atmosphere (Hastie and Rudolph), and developing and improving rapid and automated screening protocols for combinatorial libraries of potential drug candidates (Organ).

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