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The prevailing tint among the women of the valley was a light olive, and of this style of complexion Fayaway afforded the most beautiful example.
He adds, that 'in complexion they were nearly white; of good stature, and finely formed; and on their faces and bodies were delineated representations of fishes and other devices'.
Not one atom of evidence had been produced to show that it was the wife who had secretly used the arsenic, and used it for her complexion.
She was about six and twenty, rather tall and very slender, her hair was neither chestnut nor auburn, but a most decided bright, light red; her complexion was remarkably fair and brilliant, her head small, neck long, chin well turned, but very short, lips thin and red, eyes clear hazel, quick, and penetrating, but entirely destitute of poetry or feeling.
Her complexion was exquisitely fair, but the noble cast of her head and features prevented the insipidity which sometimes attaches to fair beauties.
18 (ANI): Actor Rajkummar Rao has been part of Bollywood industry for several years now, but not many know that he faced a lot of rejection because of his complexion.
The first was stocky with an olive complexion and wore dark clothing including a jacket, scarf, hat, tracksuit trousers and black boots.
Witnesses described one of the two suspects who were on a yellow and green motorcycle as around 5'9' in height, with fair complexion and dressed in a white shirt and black shorts.
When Asians use skin lightening creams, their complexion tends to be whiter.
Pre-blending, it looks, quite literally, like a clown - but this drastic technique is actually based on some very sound beauty logic: using what might seem like extreme colours can help remedy all kinds of complexion irregularities, you just need to know where on the colour wheel to focus.
99 The vit C-rich formula reboots radiance while also tightening pores (they widen with age, FYI) and 84 per cent of testers said they saw an improvement in their complexion after using it.
Here are some simple daily steps which will help you achieve a radiant complexion with skin specialist Jeanne Brophy.