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By looking through the lens of complexity, Poth was able to see solutions to some of the problems researchers encounter in mixed methods research.
In the 2019 report, Tunisia was placed in the group of "Upstream Paddlers", which includes 8 countries of similar complexity profiles, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Jamaica, Morocco, Namibia, Qatar and Vietnam.
WinStar will be the exclusive casino of Complexity Gaming.
They spend time discussing the opportunities these theories might present to KT in healthcare, concluding that it is both appropriate and feasible to use complexity and network theories in KT work.
While an IBM white paper admitted there are no conclusive definitions to complexity in IT, the company research said complexity of IT systems 'has business consequences.'
Traffic density (or traffic count), a basic index of air traffic situations, is commonly used in research of air traffic complexity as a result of its convenience in terms of computations, comprehension, and application [4-6].
Key Words: Index of Complexity Outcome and Need; Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need.
"I found it particularly interesting that a strategy some supply chain managers are taking to manage complexity is to avoid it altogether," said APICS CEO A be Eshkenazi.
Our interest was in unravelling the experiential nature of complexity in wine, and in particular to delineate the key sub-components or wine characteristics implicated.
In today's dynamic business environment characterized by uncertainty and continuous change, there is a need for new approaches that can tackle the complexity of systems [1].
Psychoanalytic Complexity: Clinical Attitudes for Therapeutic Change