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Bradshaw said, After a year that saw several industry firsts, including becoming the first SAP EBM Partner to work with the SharePoint SAP integration suite, Duet Enterprise, Complexus identified Lets Collaborate as a company that would accelerate its ambitions to strengthen its existing training and consulting offerings in 2014 & beyond.
Surtout, Encolpe estime que son malheur est plus grave que celui de ces heros et de ces divinites, lui qui a perdu son jeune amant a cause d'un rival: tel est le sens de l'expression sine aemulo dans la phrase omnes fabulae quoque sine aemulo habuerunt complexus 38 Or dans une version du mythe bien attestee, Apollon a bel et bien un rival en la personne de Zephyr, presente selon cette variante comme le responsable de la mort de Jacynthe.
To be caught up in the complexus that we call healthcare, we need to recognize that it is fundamentally a community partnership among patients, families, communities, providers, and organizational leaders.
47) See generally Philip Ball, The Physical Modelling of Human Social Systems, 1 COMPLEXUS 190 (2003) (analyzing statistical physics to explain human social interactions).
Not necessarily "great and noble subjects" though we could stand them, but subjects which, no matter how limited, are thought of as worthy of the writing, as an integral part of that vast complexus of vital significance we call the universe.
Moreover, if considered comprehensively as a focal reference, the maintenance within unified nonreductive tension of these distinct inceptive relations of ruler/ruled anticipates and is virtually presented in that living integrative complexus of all formal relations of rule able to be subjected to nomos as unified within politeia, the most achievable, efficacious, and flexible measure of all other forms of regime or rule.
Such a development had particularly negative implications for liturgical and sacramental practice since, as ritual activity, worship is built of a complexus of symbols that interact in order to communicate meaning.
Complexus effectuum musicologiae: studia Miroslao Perz septuagenario dedicata.
complexus found in one frog, each of the measured characters was compared to the same character from the rest of the H.
Cum intra viri et uxoris affectus circumscripta ac conclusa voluptas [sic], in alienos erumpendi complexus licentiam amisit.
In 1400 Magna Charta was the English Constitution in great part, yet by 1700 that document "had been absorbed into a vast complexus of environing institutions.
To this complexus comes a problem that correspondences share with Akten: in many cases they are incomplete.

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