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Observance; conformity; obedience.

Compliance with the federal Income Tax laws is essential to avoid prosecution for Tax Evasion.


noun accedence, acceptance, accommodation, accord, accordance, acquiescence, adaptability, adherence, agreeability, agreement, assent, bowing, concession, concord, concurrence, conformability, conformance, conformity, consent, consonance, cooperation, dutifulness, harmony, keeping, obedience, obsequium, observance, pliancy, submission, tractability, tractableness, willingness to commly, yielding
Associated concepts: compliance with the law, in compliince with statute, strict compliance, substantial compliance
Foreign phrases: Impotentia excusat legem.The impossibillty of performing a legal duty is an excuse from the perrormance. Obedientia est legis essentia. Obedience is the essence of the law.
See also: acceptance, accordance, acknowledgment, acquiescence, adherence, agreement, amenability, assent, capitulation, comity, compatibility, conciliation, conduct, conformity, conjunction, consent, consortium, conspiracy, deference, devotion, discipline, fealty, homage, indorsement, loyalty, timeliness, understanding
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Compliance is one of the most talked about issues in data management in recent years.
This eliminated the conundrum of having to comply immediately upon completing performance testing, but without having established compliance performance parameters in an approved OM&M plan.
The revised A-133 requires auditors to render an opinion on compliance with laws, regulations and the provisions of contracts or grants that could have a direct and material effect on each of the entity's major programs.
Chairman, in announcing this hearing, you properly emphasized Congress's concern with the level of voluntary compliance.
John Hagerty, an analyst at AMR Research who focuses on enterprise risk management and compliance, summed up the situation, declaring that "making compliance repeatable, sustainable and cost-effective must become the priority for ongoing investment.
Looked at in this way, corporate compliance has always been important.
To help audit committees and other responsible parties understand the limitations of auditors' responsibilities in a financial audit, auditors must contrast those responsibilities with other financial related audits of controls and of compliance with laws and regulations.
For many years, regulatory compliance processes have been largely manual, but the complexity and sheer size of the problem makes this approach unsustainable.
The majority of the technology, regardless of the cost, has a static-point compliance focus for a given reporting cycle.

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