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A common OS: Using the same OS and management interface consistently across all product lines enables a vendor to give users great flexibility in architecting compliant solutions while maintaining a low TCO.
The new Databahn cores provide a highly configurable, OCP compliant solution that promotes design re-use without re-work.
Imagine a managing agent who maintains maintenance or common charge records on a computer system that is not Year 2000 Compliant.
If that's the case, both firms' systems would have to be made Y2K compliant.
Goodman explains that year 2000 compliant applications should be able to fully manage and manipulate data spanning both centuries without triggering any Improper events or number assessments.
Even if the computer stays online, there will be no problem as long as the applications running on that system invoke the BIOS date-handler for any date information (assuming a compliant BIOS, of course).
To the extent that an important supplier is not Y2K compliant, alternative (but Y2K compliant) sources must be immediately procured.
Many began the process early and over time concluded that their Year 2000 projects have been managed successfully, while others remain concerned that various critical systems may not be compliant.