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This program enables partners to quickly and seamlessly eliminate the cost and challenges of on-premises legacy archives and compliantly migrate that data to Office 365 and next-generation cloud archive alternatives.
Vibratory alignment of the compliantly supported peg in respect to the immovable bushing was simulated in works [8, 9].
report and Israel simply, compliantly toeing its line.
The Coding Institute is excited about the opportunity to partner with Qualedix to provide unmatched testing and training to help healthcare professionals implement ICD-10 compliantly and efficiently," said Jennifer Godreau, BA, CPC, CPMA, CPEDC, Director of the SuperCoder.
Besides sheer check and other transaction volume, there are far more complicated loan instruments, analysis needs, risk and credit scoring and regulatory requirements than the already persnickety demands of compliantly serving individual members.
The 370Z rides more compliantly, it is remarkably comfortable for a sports-car and the steering is lighter too which makes it an easier car to live with.
The company said that access to the application is via an 'intuitive' web interface and allows organisations to take total control of corporate assets, including comprehensive asset tagging, location recording and depreciation functions which allow for all qualifying inbound goods to be quickly, easily and compliantly added to a dynamic asset inventory.
They booed loudly as their favourite anti-hero made his way to the crease, were speechless when he was badly dropped on nought by Morkel second ball - mis-hooking McLaren to long-leg - and whistled him on his way for a manic three after he chipped Botha compliantly to midwicket.
Companies may operate partially compliantly when, for instance, a proportion of their debt is financed Shariah-compliantly.
Then the Durham captain compliantly drove Shreck into the hands of cover to take the bowler to within two of the 40 wickets taken so far by the top flight's pacemaker Harmison.
Pic doesn't do itself any favors in the first few minutes, as it throws a collection of gross and rude behavior in the audience's face before the characters are properly introduced: Pubescent Jasira (Summer Bishil) compliantly has her pubic hair shaved by the uncouth b.
Nash drove the former Australia fast bowler to short mid-off and Murray Goodwin could make no headway before compliantly hooking Shahzad straight into the hands of deep square-leg.