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Iris-claw IOL fixation directly followed lens removal in 25 eyes (42% of cases): the indications were complicated cataract surgery in 15 patients and lens dislocation because of trauma or pseudoexfoliative syndrome in 10 patients; the remaining cases were secondary implantations in aphakic eyes (18 cases, 30%) or conventional IOL exchanges because of subluxation/dislocation or opacification (17 cases, 28%).
This retrospective study compared the endothelial cell density (ECD) and cell loss rate after ECCE versus phacoemulsification in treating complicated cataract in post-PKP eyes.
Exclusion criteria included: complicated cataract extraction, history of trauma to eye resulting in traumatic cataract, history of, or ongoing uveitis and glaucoma, pseudoexfoliation and pigment dispersion syndrome, retinal detachment and history of, or current prolonged topical or systemic corticosteroid use.
The new service enables patients with reduced sight caused by conditions affecting the cornea of the eye, such as complicated cataract surgery and scarring from trauma and contact lens related infections, to have a transplant to replace part of the cornea as a day case procedure.
Jacobi PC, Dietlein TS, Jacobi FK 2000 A comparative study of topical vs retrobulbar anaesthesia in complicated cataract surgery Archives of Ophthalmology 118 (8) 1037-43
Animal mold evaluation of complicated cataract after vitrectomy with different intraocular filling materials.
Therefore, surgeons and staff should adjust the intracameral drug dose accordingly in complicated cataract surgeries to prevent the development of severe complications related to drug toxicity.
Logistic regression analysis failed to predict timing of RD based on clinical parameters (age, gender, and complicated cataract surgery).
Exclusion criteria included cases with primary open or narrow angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma due to anterior and posterior segment pathologies associated with senile cataract, congenital cataract, secondary cataract and complicated cataract.
(8) Complicated cataract surgery, in particular, cases involving posterior capsule rupture and vitreous loss, severe iris trauma or vitreous traction at the wound, can lead to a significantly higher incidence (up to 20%) of clinically significant PCMO.