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Further complicating the statutory scheme, the Code precludes use of the Lifetime or Hope Credit if the child also receives tax benefits from an Education IRA.
Plenty of such "11th hour" laws exist, hopelessly complicating the law.
Complicating the picture, the number of quarks within the particle can actually fluctuate rapidly with the continuous creation and annihilation of quark-antiquark pairs.
At the same time, others who have also written important books on the South, sometimes anticipating McCurry's arguments, sometimes complicating them, are mentioned not at all: Victoria Bynum, Orville Vernon Burton, Joan Cashin, Robert Kenzer, Mitchell Snay, Barbara Bellows, Joyce Chaplin, Albert Raboteau, Mechal Sobel.
By complicating our idea of what "travel" might mean for a Jacobean audience, Parr's introduction helps to complicate the volume's thematic unity and demonstrate the variety of impulses, assumptions, and motives informing England's divergent attitudes toward foreign travel and cultures.
And the book as a whole suggests the most troubling and yet in some way most exhilarating possibility: that the discourse of race, which has enriched American literature by complicating not only its social and cultural stance but also its very language, is as boundless as textuality itself.