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Of note, we assessed Delayed Graft Function (DGF; defined at our institution as a decrease in serum creatinine of <10% in the first week or requiring hemodialysis within the first week of transplant) was not a complication unless dialysis was indicated for the treatment of life-threatening hyperkalemia or volume overload.
However, studies, comparing the complication rate between patients who underwent angiography for sub-arachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) and the patients who underwent angiography for indications other than SAH are lacking.
The perioperative period was defined as 7 days after the operation, and the intraoperative complication was defined as complications occurring during the operative room.
The researchers assessed abdominoplasty complication rates and risk factors using the nationwide CosmetAssure database.
In this study, 64% patients with neurological complication had DM for more than 10 years.
Increased awareness of the most common complication, OHSS, may prompt additional study to characterize predictors of this and other adverse events to inform the development of effective approaches necessary to decrease complications," they wrote (JAMA 2015;313:88-90).
Key Words: Complication Tracheostomy Tube Obstruction Hemorrhage.
In a study from Allied Hospital Faisalabad anemia was the most common prenatal complication 48% followed by preterm labour 44% pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) 24% pre-mature rupture of membranes(PROM) is 16%7.
3%) children developed complications with influenzalike illnesses, and children with neurologic or neuromuscular conditions were at highest risk for complications, according to a recent study.