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Because the document in question is of such immense importance that its publication might very easily--I might almost say probably--lead to European complications of the utmost moment.
Some new complication was evidently gathering round him.
A low cry of despair escaped her, as the cruel complication in her position revealed itself in all its unmerited hardship.
Cecil Forrester, to unravel a little domestic complication.
But as he was making this artless confession I said to myself that, whatever consequences and complications he might have imagined, the complication from which he was suffering now could never, never have presented itself to his mind.
Of course, such a remark had no effect in reducing the 'shocking colour'; on the contrary, I felt my face glow with redoubled fires kindled by a complication of emotions, of which indignant, swelling anger was the chief.
He thought not of his wife, but of a complication that had arisen in his official life, which at the time constituted the chief interest of it.
You will understand, therefore, that we, knowing of this complication in his life, naturally incline towards the theory of murder.
And this horrible problem was only an extrane- ous episode, a mere complication in the general problem of how to get that ship--which was mine with her appurtenances and her men, with her body and her spirit now slumbering in that pestilential river--how to get her out to sea.
I never met anybody personally concerned in this affair, the interest of which for us was, of course, not the bad weather but the extraordinary complication brought into the ship's life at a moment of exceptional stress by the human element below her deck.
It took little time to see that I could sound without forms of inquiry and without exciting remark any domestic complications.
Complications might gather round them at a moment's notice; unforeseen necessities might arise for immediately leaving the house.