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Laurie's a nice boy and I like him, and I won't have any sentimental stuff about compliments and such rubbish.
The delighted Dick, with conscious vanity beaming from every feature of his shining face, lightly waved the compliment aside with his handkerchief, as she continued, "But I am forgetting the message.
Frank Churchill was one of the boasts of Highbury, and a lively curiosity to see him prevailed, though the compliment was so little returned that he had never been there in his life.
He smiled and smirked in the highest approval of the ingenuity of his own compliment -- from which Captain Wragge dexterously diverted the housekeeper's attention by ranging himself on her side of the path and speaking to her at the same moment.
I was here in danger of losing my life by a compliment which the Portuguese paid the prince of a discharge of twelve muskets; one being unskilfully charged too high, flew out of the soldier's hand, and falling against my leg, wounded it very much; we had no surgeon with us, so that all I could do was to bind it hard with some cloth.
If I have been so fortunate as to please here, then I am rewarded indeed," said the youth, with a bow and an expression that rendered it a little doubtful to which of the ladies the compliment was addressed.
But when did you, or anybody, ever get a compliment from me, Fanny?
Thank you for the compliment," replied De Guiche; "but why do you say that?
I have known a cat get up and walk out of the room on a remark derogatory to her species being made by a visitor, while a neatly turned compliment will set them purring for an hour.
It was a high compliment to Peter that at that dire moment their thoughts turned to him.
Quite a compliment, I declare," exclaimed the donkey, turning to look at Scraps.
I expect you to make yourself agreeable this time--I am going to pay you a compliment.