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This section provides the description of a lesson plan on teaching micro-level pragmatics; specifically, teaching the speech act of complimenting (Appendix A).
A female knows that her direct compliment to a male on his appearance is flirty and will most likely be interpreted as so, unless she is directly complimenting a family member or a very platonic friend.
A To use the approach favored by your manager, this is an excellent question, but it sounds like your manager is not particularly interested in complimenting you in the first place.
Only Gamestar speaks to him by helping him maximize both his gaming experience and the time he devotes to other forms of entertainment by providing complimenting physical and digital information.
2 adds support for SIP-based endpoints, such as the XTen softphone and the Sipura SPA-1000 and SPA-2000 phone adapters, complimenting the existing support of MGCP-based endpoints.
The server in Brisbane will bring added stability and diversity to the Southern Hemisphere, complimenting the server we have already installed in Auckland, New Zealand.
Janis was responsible for identifying new business opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and creating strategic alliances with complimenting businesses.