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Aao formalized the order on July 29 for all LGUs to comply within 60 days.
Salazar said she will report to the DILG all barangays officials who fail to comply with the directive.
It is either they comply with our environmental regulations or they will face closure," the official said.
The fines began May 6, 2019, and will continue daily until the child care centers comply with the federal courts June 22, 2018, order to comply with WHD subpoenas issued in October and December of 2017.
'It seems the bureaucracy does not want to comply with the resolutions', she said.
Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, who was also present in the court, remarked that officials who did not want to comply with the directives should apprise the court.
Danny Metcalf, mitigating, said his client was heavily addicted to crack cocaine and wanted to comply with the probation service to rid himself of drugs.
Alternative financing providers in the UK, such as crowdfunders, might have to comply with banking regulations.
In 2005, the Commission brought infringement proceedings against Luxembourg for failure to comply with the directive.
It follows Christopher Evans' conviction for failing to comply with an enforcement notice requiring them to comply with the permit.
The 45-year-old failed to comply with the conditions of the order and was summoned to appear at Cardiff Magistrates' Court May 31.
Once an applicant passes an exam, he/she is placed into a 3-year certification cycle and must comply with CCP to advance to the next 3-year cycle.