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In its latest judgement, the court has found that since Luxembourg has recognised that it has not complied with the 2006 judgement, at least as regards two treatment plants (Beggen and Bleesbruck) and that by 28 August 2010 (the time limit given by the Commission) it had not adopted all the measures necessary to comply fully with the first judgement, Luxembourg had failed to fulfil its obligations under EU law.
They either lied to the citizens of Palmdale that they were going to immediately build a hospital, which is what I think they did, or they have a project, didn't comply with CEQA and are claiming they don't have a project.
36 would only be subject to discipline if "through willfulness, recklessness, or gross incompetence," there are no adequate procedures in place and one or more associates, firm members or employees "are, or have, engaged in a pattern or practice, in connection with their practice with the firm, of failing to comply with [section] 10.
It pointed out that other means exist to comply with law and company rules, such as: employee training; auditing the company's financial transactions and books; and reporting violations to the labor inspectorate and other competent authorities.
To help them comply with the act, the IC has issued a list of tips, which includes being proactive, anticipating likely requests, and making each decision on its own merit without the fear of setting a precedent.
Seventeen sites were visited in Kirklees and 13 received notices to comply with the directive or have their operations suspended.
All public corporations that trade their stocks in the United States must ensure that they comply to avoid the significant financial penalties and criminal charges that Sarbanes-Oxley imposes.
Several agencies have been created to help insurers comply with HIPAA.
The commission also gave registered investment companies--which include mutual funds and investment trusts--until November 15, 2004, to comply with Investment Company Act internal control provisions.
The WTO has given the United States until December 15 to comply with its ruling or face trade sanctions.
Retailers, packers and processors are putting programs in place to help them comply with the forthcoming law.
Knowing this now will provide the maximum amount of time for identifying options, selecting the best option and taking the necessary actions to comply with the requirements of the rule in a timely and cost-effective way.