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Complying ESCO's must ensure that information about their offerings is "designed to be understood by the customer" and use "reasonable efforts to provide accurate and timely information about services and products.
Complying with our WTO obligations is an important sign of leadership.
Speaking before the Senate Agriculture Committee's subcommittee on marketing, inspection and promotion, William Hawks, undersecretary for the AMS marketing and regulatory program, outlined the scope of what complying with COOL's voluntary guidelines would entail.
Suppliers often feel bullied into complying with IT mandates.
The Introduction states that "by complying with all of the principles contained in this PATA documentation package," the taxpayer will "avoid the imposition of the PATA members' transfer pricing documentation-related penalties with respect to the documented transactions.
Statistical analysis using a cost function reveals that there were economies of scale in complying with Truth in Savings, a result that gives further credence to the findings of earlier studies involving other regulations.
And the deadline for complying with Title I of the Act quickly approaches.
Material has been drawn from the ILRU National Database on Independent Living Programs to determine levels of compliance with both legislated and generally accepted criteria for centers, to compare characteristics of complying centers with non-complying programs, and to examine the implications of federal funding practices.
Contractor Reputation: Complying with the law will require a significant investment.