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1, the rough surface of the cast hip socket shells is designed into the component to promote bone growth.
Due to these demands for high data integrity and availability, the RAID controller, an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, has quickly secured its position as a necessary component in all levels of storage systems.
SELECT's new component management capability provides the communication between suppliers and consumers.
The customer, first-tier supplier, and casting and machining component supplier worked together to develop a casting that met the 7000-lb crash test load and elongation requirements while keeping overall mass and costs to a minimum.
Not all software supports all three methods for working with custom sizes - creating user-defined libraries, dimensioning each plate or component on the fly, or modifying the closest standard sizes from the library.
Following its 4th quarter 2006 release of the SEEC Business Component catalog, SEEC offers over 200 pre-built, standards-based components that can be leveraged independently, or in combination, to create Business Services and comprehensive Service-Oriented Business Applications to support entire business processes for insurance and financial services providers.
component stretched the size envelope for chill mold casting;
Resin consumption in electronic components had been growing at rates well above the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for many years.
Recapitalize 107 AH-64As with M-TADS/PNVS, internal auxiliary fuel tanks, reliability and safety improvements, and selected component overhaul; these aircraft will retain the A model designation
Instead, at least 90% of leakers appeared to be caused by aluminum oxide films entrapped or formed within the component during the gravity permanent mold casting process.
Course component selection was converted to a four point numerical scale that reflects level of involvement in the optional components.
Companies engaged in drug discovery, genomic research, molecular screening and other bioinformatics work, who wish to rapidly incorporate advanced data mining features into their applications can now do so by using NAG Data Mining Components as building blocks.