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Instead of routing the component directly to overhaul, we exchange it for an unserviceable or close-to-TBO component removed from another aircraft--if we pull a transmission that has 300 hours of serviceable life from a recap aircraft but find another transmission on a reset aircraft that had 10 hours' TBO remaining, we swap components and effectively achieve an additional 290 hours of useful transmission life.
The presence of an oxide film (or other defect, such as porosity or cracks) reduces the stiffness of the cast component and therefore reduces its resonant frequencies.
Driven by the ever-increasing demand for storage from corporate applications, storage vendors are today preparing SAN infrastructure components that will double the speed of today's 2 Gb/s storage switches and the host bus adapters (HBAs).
In fact, it puts greater pressure on being smart about IT But once a services-oriented architecture and component sourcing strategy have been designed, more options become avail able and it becomes possible to accomplish far more, much faster and with less labor.
Correlations between students' auditory, visual and tactile-kinesthetic learning preferences, traditional and non-traditional course components and levels of success in General Chemistry have been assessed.
Unlike many other commercially available data mining tools, the NAG Data Mining Components are designed to be incorporated into the user's application rather than requiring the user to learn a new interface to gain access to additional techniques.
11), only the compound recipe of the X-NBR-rubber component has been varied.
2) If the possession product is a component product or an end-product form where no arm's-length price can be determined, and there is an arm's-length price for an integrated product, the deemed sales price of the possession product is computed under Treas.
The client would lose the beneficial effect of components of cost on new inventory layers only (where it may be potentially less significant).
In addition to being leak-free, the component required some special characteristics such as increased stiffness, reduced weight and excellent machinability.
It has several responsibilities including message routing, component and database connection management, and traditional transactional processing.