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Business Process Management is fast becoming a key corporate asset to organizations throughout the Nordic region and we are pleased to align with Metastorm and offer its award-winning BPM solution to our clients," stated Bengt Rogsater, managing director, Component Software.
Component Software is a leading provider of business intelligence software and professional services in the Nordic region, providing technology, consulting, support, and implementation services and training.
To obtain a copy of the most recent SEEC Business Component Software catalog, contact SEEC at 1.
The Scandinavian countries are all known for high IT penetration and widely spread IT infrastructure, so our businesses rely heavily on advanced information systems," says Martin ABC Hansen, Nordic director of strategy and innovation for Component Software.
Expanded the SEEC Advantage Library of Business Component Software for Insurance to over 200 pre-built SOA components
An illustration detailing how SoftJin's PSE and Verific's HDL Component Software work together is available upon request.
Component Software helps companies achieve this by providing best-of-breed solutions from companies like webMethods and Informatica," said Berndt Karlsson, managing director, Component Software.
Verific's HDL Component Software is written in platform-independent C++ that compiles on Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Windows platforms.
Through working with Component Software Norway we were able to ensure that DnB had all the training, support and consultancy they needed.
OAO Technology Solution's extensive customer exposure and broad experience in the development, integration, and enhancement of business application software makes an alliance with Component Software and its user-focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications a natural next step.
We're delighted that it selected our SystemVerilog component software to be used in its design flow.
This system registers component software attributes such as categories, company names, kind and extensions.

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