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39) Although composition and compose are unmistakably cognate with Aquinas's terms compositio and 37 32 componere, Owens prefers the semantically parallel but Greek-based terms synthesis and synthesize.
com)-- Dimitrina Stamboldjiev Kutriansky will show new works at her upcoming exhibit at Componere Gallery of Art in the St.
The Cyclops Polyphemus falls in love with the nymph Galatea and, in an attempt to improve his appearance, he watches his own face reflected in a pool, arranging his features into a more pleasing expression: et spectare feros in aqua et componere vultus (Met.
Perspex's piece hence opens with the observation that the RA event 'opportunely coincides with the greatest "show" Russia has ever put on in the theatre of history' before he quotes Virgil: 'Si magna licet componere parvis' (if small things may be compared with great).
17) Canon 7: aliam fidem nulli licere proferre vel conscribere vel componere.
Si parva licet componere magnis, the revival of Panthea and Abradates in Roman Greece is also the time when Aristotle's works are re-discovered and intensely studied.
In una tale, non avvezza a scrivere se non qualche lettera, non puo esser capacita a bastanza per componere senza spropositi.
In the passage to which this tercet alludes, Virgil compares the activity of busy bees with the labor of the cyclops: "Non aliter, si parva licet componere magnis" (Not otherwise, if it is allowed to compare small things with great) (Georgics 4.
29 where Horace, in much greater detail, encourages Maecenas to step away from his burdens and to sort things out with a tranquil spirit (quod adest memento / componere aequus, 32-33).
Later in Croton, Encolpius' entourage swears a solemn oath like legitimi gladiatores, but it is again a rehearsed scheme, this time for legacy-hunting (mimum componere, 117,5; cf.
Ergo urtica rosam supplex venerarier atque Est tibi stellifero saepe colenda deo: Nam potis est toto componere foedus in aevo: Si mihi quid credis, numen in orbe novum est.
durus componere versus:/nam fuit hoc vitiosus: in hora saepe ducentos,/ut magnum, versus dictabat stans pede in uno;/cum flueret lutulentus, erat quod tollere velles;/garrulus atque piger scribendi ferre laborem,/scribendi recte: nam ut multum, nil moror .