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Her person was of the smallest size that is believed to comport with beauty, and which poets and artists have chosen as the beau ideal of feminine loveliness.
Had a man seen old Roger Chillingworth, at that moment of his ecstasy, he would have had no need to ask how Satan comports himself when a precious human soul is lost to heaven, and won into his kingdom.
The first comports with, the last violates, the fundamental principles of good government; and, whatever may be the forms of the Constitution, unites all power in the same hands.
KUWAIT, Oct 24 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti club for winter sports said it made changes to its charter to comport with the country's laws, during an extraordinary meeting of the club's general assembly on Saturday.
s Six Guiding Beliefs (as told by his niece) features warm drawings by Sally Wern Comport and a story that focuses not so much on King's life as on the beliefs that guided it.
The continuation of the status quo is an unsustainable policy, and does not comport with American values to respect and defend human dignity.
Reports about a possible Russian intervention in Crimea have caused "deep concern" in the US and do not comport with Russia's stated intentions to respect Ukraine's territorial integrity, he said.
Google said that while video clips from Innocence of Muslims did not violate YouTube community guidelines, it restricted views in several countries to comport with local laws and temporarily blocked it in Egypt and Libya.
Invasions may be made too formidable to be resisted by any land and naval force which would comport either with the principles of our Government or the circumstances of the United States to maintain.
As such, the Court finds that the monument displaying the Ten Commandments is government speech and must comport with the Establishment Clause.
Whereas 67-year-old Ann Burdon from Manor Court Road, Nuneaton, was given an impressive pounds 110 for her comport, which is believed to have belonged to a dessert set - which she got from a local auction 18 months ago.
The office wants to alter the form to comport with new regulations governing the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program.