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The cowboys of old, and even those today, do not comport with the definition of a modern man: feminized, metro-sexual, in touch with his feelings.
Some of those provisions don't comport with the new Sarbanes-Oxley standards, so the NAIC is looking at its existing audit rule and pairing that up with the new standards to see where changes in state laws that govern insurers should be made," Kaiser said.
The 232/ 4S1P-RJ45-PCI cards are compatible with all application software that communicates with standard serial ports using comport device names.
292 27-1-0 Added to make the rule for criminal offenses comport with Rule 6.
In advancing this view, Clover usefully draws on studies of family behavior from the social sciences to frame questions about how gender and birth order might comport with what she sees as an "egalitarian" impulse underlying relations among siblings.
It does not comport with reason," it said, "that one will denude himself of all his earnings during a long period of years without making some provision for old age.
The ComPORT modem was part of a shipment by system integrator Fujikura Ltd.
California-based Com21 Inc has won a contract worth over USD7m to supply 1,100 of its ComPORT modems and associated headend equipment to the Dutch multiple services operator Essent Kabelcom.
Assistant engineer Jim Comport added: "Strictly speaking, they do not comply with traffic regulations.
Spencer never tires, finally, of repeating Basin's charge that Louis consorted with lowborn favorites and failed to dress or comport himself as befitted his station.
There are three drinking glass shapes - wine, goblet and champagne flute -plus giftware items including a bowl, a comport, a decanter and two vases.