comport with

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That language should comport with language in a regulation developed by the North American Securities Administrators Association, Washington, so that there will be uniformity in oversight of both insurance and securities producers.
Rather than changing its gambling laws so they comport with its trade commitments, the U.
Bell added in a note to employees, "If we fail to adjust our costs to comport with the realities in the advertising market, we face a slippery slope of ever more difficult measures.
A psychologist by training, Taffinder aims to dig deep into not just what people do right or wrong, but how elements such as body language can send messages that don't comport with what is being said.
The modern-looking vertebrae at Dmanisi, remarks David Frayer of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, comport with earlier fossil-skull studies indicating that early Homo possessed a speech-ready vocal tract.
The cowboys of old, and even those today, do not comport with the definition of a modern man: feminized, metro-sexual, in touch with his feelings.
Some of those provisions don't comport with the new Sarbanes-Oxley standards, so the NAIC is looking at its existing audit rule and pairing that up with the new standards to see where changes in state laws that govern insurers should be made," Kaiser said.
292 27-1-0 Added to make the rule for criminal offenses comport with Rule 6.
Whether it would be extended to securities traders and commodities dealers and traders would depend on whether the extension would comport with the principles described above.
In advancing this view, Clover usefully draws on studies of family behavior from the social sciences to frame questions about how gender and birth order might comport with what she sees as an "egalitarian" impulse underlying relations among siblings.
It does not comport with reason," it said, "that one will denude himself of all his earnings during a long period of years without making some provision for old age.