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When I inquired of a top civil servant as to the reason behind 'smart' dress sense and clone-like comportment, he said in all seriousness that it displayed respect for his job, other citizens and the country.
She further adds that they help with "codyfing society's idealized expectations" in respect to proper comportment in life (Newton 1994: 4).
In the design of the curriculum, it is important to examine each concept in terms of knowledge, practice know-how, and ethical comportment (KPE) critical to student learning.
Therefore other factors should be considered to explain this comportment at the moment that drunkenness appears.
Charles Faber, a retired professor, and Richard Faber, a former teacher, evaluate the effectiveness of 41 US presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama, in the areas of foreign relations, domestic programs, administration and intergovernmental relations, leadership and decision making, and presidential comportment.
The idea of being Ismail brings political affiliation and religious adherence into the figure of one man, whose beliefs are exemplified by his very body and comportment.
Western cultures appear to be saturated with norms of bodily comportment linked to the socially significant categories of "male" and "female".
Throop artfully spells out the logical structure of personal comportment given cultural constructions of mind, self, and personhood.
They were like Grace and Ambition, a contrast in age and comportment, Lewis in a shirt of dark blue with a garish white and light blue sash across the front, Watson in a sober polo shirt.
A written account about the first Thanksgiving reemerged in the 1840s, which offered the Pilgrims as role models of Christian comportment for a patriotic nation.
Drawing on the rich historiography of the Porfiriato, he contextualizes theoretical considerations within the particularities of life in this city, presenting details on residential patterns, comportment, associations, and relevant institutions.