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I was curious to see how he would comport himself to Mrs.
Her person was of the smallest size that is believed to comport with beauty, and which poets and artists have chosen as the beau ideal of feminine loveliness.
This circumstance demands a new system be put in place that comports to the methods used to communicate now and into the future.
Colby's focus on the rights of those who are already essentially absent doesn't just frustrate attempts to find the political position that best comports with individual liberty.
T)he rule comports with and implements society's moral perception that one who has voluntarily impaired his own faculties should be responsible for the consequences,'' Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the U.
Whether he's right for the job remains open to debate, and how he comports himself during the confirmation process should be quite interesting.
He comports himself in a seemly way and doesn't "fuck married mothers, only available ones," those "who wanted to date and who'd lined up an appropriate babysitter.
His view is right and comports with what God wants.
This comports with the testimony of an eyewitness at ground zero who saw a man who was Middle Eastern in appearance leaving the truck.
the Senate bill comports with the three conditions laid out by your administration: there is no gas tax increase; there is no bonding component; and the general fund contributions are offset by a collection of revenue enhancements; enforcement measures and tax loopholes closures.
Finally, requiring that a CDP notice identify the taxpayer correctly comports with the overall legislative intent underlying the CDP hearings, which was to provide greater safeguards to a taxpayer during the IRS's collection process.
The court said specifically it was expressing no opinion on whether either form comports with state law, or on the legal correctness of the instructions accompanying the new form.