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The question of Hortense's own subjectivity and its relationship to dollhood (or more accurately, the status of the automaton) is raised in her climactic confrontation with Bucket, when she stands with "her arms composedly crossed, but with something in her dark cheek beating like a clock" (830).
I am a champion of open communication, so when the atmosphere thickens, I strive, if possible, to somewhat lighten the situation and clear things up composedly and without emotions.
Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor will be seen at their mischievous best as they answer Karan Johar's questions composedly in "Koffee with Karan"s next episode.
Why can't he composedly proclaim "I'm American with my roots in another place?
She turns away composedly, and sits on the ottoman, facing the window].
Fictional narratives, in Manguel's interpretation, are a means by which we can safely and composedly examine the chaos of real life.
Although he manages to regain some of his earlier sense of peace"--he carefully, composedly cleans and guts his fish before heading back to camp--"the encroaching forces of history have compelled him to recognize its [peace's] evanescence" (Marx 31).
Batsmen in cricket have been known to hurl cricket bats at the dressing room wall or cupboards after smiling composedly during their walk from the playing centre, following a cheap dismissal.
Its stability and Tarmac-biting ability allows the rear-wheel car to perform quite composedly, even on moorland ribbon tracks in the wilds of Yorkshire.
I shut my book composedly, leaving a finger inside to keep my place.
Clare's death, as he "proceeded composedly with his work, amid the lamentations and sobs and cries of the affrighted servants.