compositional skill

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In the aforementioned Journal of Singing article, she describes the composer's compositional skill as "fast harmonic rhythm, clear text setting, uneven or mixed meters, complex accompaniments that demand quick chromatic reading skills ...
Lange's meticulous approach and compositional skill are evident throughout this exhaustive show, matched by her seemingly instinctive ability to home in on people whose faces, gestures and silhouettes are emblematic of the economic and political forces shaping their lives.
The body art of the tattoo is an historical Japanese tradition that is widely recognized as one of the finest in the world for its detail, complexity and compositional skill. Its style and subject matter are drawn from the visual treasure trove of Japanese popular culture, in particular the color woodblock prints of the early 19th century known as ukiyo-e.
An appreciation of compositional skill will be more fully grasped when the student tries to replicate the beauty of a Clementi Sonatina or Bach Invention.
All tracks on this album are original compositions, except for her idiosyncratically impressionistic performance of "A Foggy Day." At times one wishes Politzer would build mor e of a robust groove, but there is no questioning her harmonic inventiveness or compositional skill, nor her considerable instrumental chops.
Compositional skill abounds in the quartet, played with astonishing beauty by the Lydian String Quartet, but there's no sense of an emotional center.
However, it required great compositional skill to prevent this idiom sounding merely bombastic, and the antiphonal sections harmonically repetitive and texturally predictable.
Nearly every single word is easily understood, which is as much a tribute to Hoekman's compositional skill as it is to Connors's attentiveness to articulation.
Shaw's compositional skill, lightness, and ubiquitous humor constantly delight, especially when he quotes our serious romantic repertoire, such as the Strauss tone poems.-LvD
Schickele has been delighting audiences for years with works of charm, wit and good-natured humor, products of a lively imagination and strong musicological background paired with a finely honed compositional skill. His music is irresistibly appealing to amateurs, as well as sophisticated musicians.
Thus, perhaps her most interesting chapter, on Storace's borrowings, addresses an important compositional technique of eighteenth-century opera composers, but seems principally motivated by a need to emphasize that Storace's "individuality" is shown by his having "invested far more compositional skill in his operas than can ever be conveyed by calling them 'pastiches'" (p.
Such a work must display the highest level of compositional skill and excellence without pretense or artificiality of technique in its creation.