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liquidation or reorganization), why is composition rarely used in practice and less discussed in academia?
A liquid surfactant composition comprising: an anionic surfactant, wherein the anionic surfactant is present in an amount from about 50% (by weight of the composition) to about 99.
He continued his training at the University of Michigan with Lynne Bartholomew, Sergio de los Cobos and Katherine Collier, and began formal composition study with composers Bright Sheng, Susan Botti, William Bolcom and Karen Tanaka.
Animation, filmmaking, music composition, digital imaging and audio broadcasting are within reach of everybody.
All basalt chemical compositions can be plotted in the basalt tetrahedron, which has normative quartz, olivine, nepheline and augite at the apices.
Corey has often been no exception to this rule--most of her compositions are so densely packed as to approach information overload--but her recent work suggests a promising new direction.
Comparison of the tensile elongation (stress-strain) data for P-E polymers with different ethylene compositions in figure 5a shows a steady progression of decreasing modulus at comparable elongation with increasing ethylene content of the polymer.
Among Subotnick's works to be performed are the trumpet concerto ``After the Butterfly'' featuring CalArts graduate student Lisa Edelman as soloist, and ``Axoloti,'' a composition for solo cello with electronic augmentation, commissioned and premiered by Joel Krosnick of the Julliard String Quartet in 1982.
To this end, a series of French compositions generated from oral brainstorming followed by the creation of an outline were compared to those resulting from oral brainstorming without an outline.
Different compositions of wet cells were tested to compare voltage differentials.
Insley (36) compiled phase diagrams for silicate scientists that served to aid knowledge of high-temperature phase equilibria and understanding of the nature of clinker compositions.