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Set in Haven, a fictional Taiwanese coastal town, The Man with the Compound Eyes is an apocalyptic novel about the transnational solidarity between Alice, a local literature professor, and Atile'i, an outcast washed ashore from a shipwreck.
While you and I, and most other animals on Earth, are equipped with just a pair of standard eyes (simple eyes in biological parlance), some living creatures have compound eyes that are made of thousands of ommatidia.
5 times longer than wide; pedicel about as long as broad; first flagellomere slightly broader than long, about as long as second flagellomere, remaining flagellomeres about as long as broad, except apical flagellomere much longer than broad; compound eye 2.
0x longer than wide, not reaching upper level of median ocellus, anterior face yellowish or pale; F1 shortest, F11 longest, F2-F11 each longer than broad; compound eye about 1.
Eye width (EW): Maximum width of compound eye in full face view of the head.
In addition to the camera-like eyes seen in cephalopod mollusks, such as octopus, and in vertebrates, visual organs also include the familiar compound eyes of insects and other arthropods.
Since insects have compound eyes, this will amount to favoring a particular ommatidium (individual optical tube radiating out from the center of the compound eye).
The inventor, Mike Rosen, calls it CubicEye[TM], but with its six facets his browser is a lot like the compound eye of the dragonfly looking out on the world's reflection in the Web.
The Degree Angular Scale Interferometer--DASI, for short--is not a single instrument, but an array of 13 miniature telescopes working together like a compound eye.
The team, together with scientists from Israel's Weizmann Institute and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, discovered that chalk-like calcite crystals in the skeletons of brittlestars have a dual function, acting as armour as well as optical receptors for an all-seeing compound eye.
In addition, they will be making a second compound eye to simulate what a bee sees when looking through both eyes.
There has been enormous interest in the construction of Eden -- indeed, it is unique among British Millennium projects in attracting large numbers of paying visitors who come just to see it being built The structure weighs less than the forest of scaffolding poles that was erected to build it It has a fragile quality Enclosed, the domes are indeed like soap bubbles - or to explore another metaphor, like an insect's compound eye (something of this effect, though achieved by different means, is apparent in the giant 'eye' over the concourse of the unbuilt Pusan Bay transport interchange in Korea).