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Stocks virgin, compounded, off-spec, and recycled materials for quick delivery.
In a typical commercially compounded TPO consisting of EPDM blended with polypropylene, it is the elastomer component that historically tended to be flow limiting because of the medium-to-high viscosities of the traditional EPDM.
He had a limited range of prime nylon grades toll compounded, stored them in rental space, and worked the phones from his home in Akron, Ohio, with his then infant daughter in his lap.
We have re-examined the above approaches to devulcanization of the crumb particle in whole or at least at the surface in order to improve the physical strength properties of compounded blends of treated crumb with some virgin elastomers.
But there were no known applications with high loadings until about five years ago when Lex Technologies in Mississauga, Ont., compounded 50-80% ash into recycled PE to make building materials.
The base elastomers compounded were EPDM and EPM; these model formulations were denoted as WCEPDM and WCEPR respectively.
Ohio in Conneaut, Ohio, buys compounded wood-filled pellets and extrudes deck and porch railings, posts, and other components.
Traditionally, rubber materials have been compounded in batch equipment that imparts shear stress for mixing through a variety of mechanisms.
SQC is viewed as necessary on all raw materials, allowing the compounder to verify consistency and determine whether there is a correlation between physical properties of a compounded product and the raw materials that were used to produce it.