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Stocks virgin, compounded, off-spec, and recycled materials for quick delivery.
have compounded wood flour into PP and PVC, making sheet and profiles for automotive and construction applications.
These reactively compounded TPEs are designed to provide the thermoplastic processor with compounds that can compete with thermoset rubber, and yet afford all of the advantages of thermoplastic resin processing.
In a typical commercially compounded TPO consisting of EPDM blended with polypropylene, it is the elastomer component that historically tended to be flow limiting because of the medium-to-high viscosities of the traditional EPDM.
The technology is said to make copolymers with very large blocks of PE, so the resulting copolymer is reportedly competitive in properties with both compounded TPOs and so called reactor TPOs made by competing multi-reactor processes for the same automotive applications.
We have re-examined the above approaches to devulcanization of the crumb particle in whole or at least at the surface in order to improve the physical strength properties of compounded blends of treated crumb with some virgin elastomers.