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COMPOUNDER, in Louisiana. He who makes a composition. An amicable compounder is one who has undertaken by the agreement of the parties to compound or settle differences. between them. Code of Pract. of Lo. art. 444.

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Compounders are offered a choice of controls platform, though Allen-Bradley is the standard.
It's extremely important for hospitals and other healthcare providers to work with FDA-registered compounders as FDA has advised.
During the 2009 downturn compounders were more interested in minimising credit risk than seeking to preserve volumes or gain market share.
Dave Mitchell, marketing manager at Dow Elastomers, commented: "The ability of Engage XLT to facilitate the production of lighter, larger parts with a faster mould time will allow compounders and manufacturers to cost-effectively produce fuel-efficient vehicles without compromising quality.
Both compounders and processors are said to be able to increase throughput, reducing energy consumption and, hence, production costs, according to the company.
Compounded drugs are made in bulk now, too, and some hospitals contract with compounders to save the cost of mixing their own compounds.
Compared to the more traditional pharmaceutical twin-screw compounders with throughputs of from 1 to 10 kilograms per hour, required amounts are reduced for continuous production process by 1/10th to 1/100th.
Kelprox XL products are cross-linked and thus require no further vulcanization, says DSM; thus Kelprox XL eliminates the requirement for compounders to develop complex and costly vulcanization technology.
Before Hawkins can act, Savin' Dave's team, the Compounders, rush in.
Steer has also introduced the Omnicron 12-mm twin-screw corotating compounder for lab and other applications.
The industry structure section provides company market share, a discussion of the various types of compounders and other competitive variables.