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When it comes to investing for the long haul, compounding and time go together like bread and butter.
Highlighting thermoplastic custom compounding capabilities.
From a compounding perspective, it has been determined that the base elastomer(s) has a great effect on determining the degree of shear thinning that the compound will possess (refs.
Draiswerke's most recent Gelimat modification is for another hot area of technical and market development-direct long-fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) compounding and molding.
Besides modifying various mixing procedures, there are many compounding techniques that are commonly used to lower a rubber compound's viscosity.
Coperion's approach to wood-filled compounding is to start with undried wood flour at the feed throat of a Megavolume corotating twin-screw extruder.
Our library of over a thousand proprietary formulas allows Biltrite Industries to provide you with a full range of technical compounding services the result of which produces compounds that are used in a wide range of applications worldwide.
An electronic temperature sensor tells when compounding is complete and ejects the batch through a discharge door into a melt pump, short extruder, or calender.
Introducing OxyPP, a family of PP-based materials with polar functionality for masterbatch and compounding markets.