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He explaineds that other countries have pre-budget statements and discussions well before the budget is released which assists making budgetary discussions comprehendable to ordinary people.
See BISHIN & STONE, supra note 158, at vii (noting that the study of law is an "effort of the human mind to make 'reality' comprehendable and manageable" through language and philosophy).
It helps make something scary much more comprehendable," he told CNN.
In a political environment in which voters were more concerned about road repair than global warming (personal communication, November 2004), emphasis on easily comprehendable issues is inevitable.
The proxy's next two pages are equally comprehendable.
Early in Continental Drift (1985), for example, its two main characters, a New Hampshire furnace repairman and a poor, young Haitian woman, escape the lives they were born to and begin separate, haphazard, perilous migrations toward more viable, safer, more comprehendable lives.