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Such shots are comprehended by the employment of the eyeline match: we see what the character sees, when s/he sees it, but not from his/her exact spatial position;
For Bordwell, a number of perceptual cues in a shot can be comprehended as subjective movement.
If only a part or item in the field yields that differential angular velocity across time, then camera movement will not be specified--only the movement of the object will be specified." [6] Cues comprehended as camera movement "install the viewer as a subject moving through a fictive scenographic layout." [7]
Comprehension of camera movement is predominately determined by cues in the film--in other words, is predominately comprehended in bottom-up fashion, whereas other aspects of a shot (if it is internally or externally focalised, for example) rely much more strongly upon top-down competence.
In other words, the shot of Sam is repeated for a third time, but is comprehended differently.
Some camera movements can be comprehended as the movement of an angel moving from a high position to eye level position.
The 20 learning-disabled students who comprehended false belief displayed the word knowledge of 6 1/2-year-olds.