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Which is not comprehendible from an outside point of view, especially after such a long time, from a distant historical point of view.
It is therefore rational and comprehendible they negotiate away from the attribution of being a "greenie" at school even as they act to transform their respective primary schools.
Increasingly, students insist on relevance and perspectives for their studies based on a comprehendible and logical integration of theory and practice.
The result is a reductive but comprehendible chain connecting the consumer's purchase to the doses of treatments.
My near-death had nothing to do with overstress, but the good doctor did make use of his knowledge of the stressful life I led at the time, to find a comprehendible explanation to my case.
His writing is, after all, easily accessible and comprehendible.
The result is a very readable and comprehendible text for the engineer and chemist alike, which is based on a foundation of using fundamental aspects of reaction engineering and heterogeneous catalysis for industrial design and optimization of industrial catalytic processes.
This is essential so that impacts and projections can be developed and presented to senior leaders other than those with a financial management background in an easily comprehendible and actionable manner.
Overall, the MASM algorithm was able to create human comprehendible strategic descriptions in the form of graphical arrows and related strategic rules with reasonable accuracy from basic agent observations in a RoboCup games.
Certainly, conscientious judges will do their best in a post-Booker world to explain a sentence and its justification in terms that are comprehendible to the defendant, victims and other concerned parties, and the public (235)--but any success in this endeavor will be due to the acumen of the jurist, not the sensibility of the Guidelines.