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* If the existing content is effective (is it accessible, easily comprehendible);
In response to this comprehensive, comprehendible view, Clarke produced city symphonies like Bridges-Go-Round {1958), in which the simple traversal of the bridges bordering Manhattan is transformed into an endless, distorted circular pattern [figure 1], In her study of Clarke's work, Lauren Rabinovitz describes the film's distorting of the city symphony's orderly montage to produce "perpetually disorienting effects." These effects in fact enact the truth of spatial practices within capital's serial-centripetal space: the constant circular rhythm of the daily commute, the blending of leisure and work activities in which it results, and the monumental structures around which that rhythm turns thieves of time rather than beneficent spaces of social collectivity.
Lampert, and too many lawyers, fail to recognize the reason for these two rules and why compliance with their sometimes complex but comprehendible concepts is critical in our electronic age.
Most books covering infrared astronomy assume a prior background in advanced math and astronomy, so it's a surprise to find a physics book that assumes neither, but provides a comprehensive (and comprehendible) overview to infrared and its applications.
They never properly explained the exact reason for the deficit and they never gave a comprehendible reason why the deficit soared and fell week to week.
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an industry format) that lends itself well to testing students' competency in appropriating script-specific observations into a comprehendible narrative.
Because you do wonder what Monk might be able to do on the training field or on the touchline to have stopped this visit of Newcastle going from comfortable win to not quite comprehendible draw.
However, the alienated "angry" Muslim youth is hardly a mystery, but a fully comprehendible historical inevitability.
The only comprehendible reason behind the massive Indian investment on these dams in J&K is to put a water tab on Pakistan rivers so that India can manipulate water as a strategic weapon in the future.
The information was not comprehendible 30 years ago, thus raising our curiosity to ask him to give more details.