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Comprehending the drive of human interplay necessitates a close acquaintance with the imagination and how it operates within society.
Even more striking, say researchers, children as young as 15 months who have difficulty comprehending accents they've never heard before can quickly learn to understand accented speech after hearing the speaker for a short time.
Jim Pipe's Earthwise: Sun: Discover Your World In Close-Up (193279946X, $27.10) provides grades 2-4 with a fine simple review of the sun's properties, with activities to go along, from examples of sun paintings and depiction in ancient to modern art to comprehending size, understanding eclipses, and more.
Interpretive interactions begin with a conversation in which people may have trouble comprehending each other.
His problem was that he had difficulty comprehending what he read.
This historic treatment lays the basis for comprehending the Judeo-Christian tradition in American culture.
In the recycling industry, business owners and managers who understand the importance of maintaining insurance coverage as a shield against catastrophic events should have little trouble comprehending the benefits of the new safety videos being produced by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc.
Fully comprehending the meaning of my mother's remittances, what they signify as the toil of millions of people like her who chose sacrifice for a dream deferred, leads me to a position that clashes with the demands of a post-9/11 patriotism--when the dividing line between good and evil is to pledge one's total allegiance to America.
The one drawback to becoming Rugby Union fans, however, is the problem of comprehending the rules.
The reader is sometimes the listener understanding the story, and other times the eavesdropper, barely comprehending and perhaps misunderstanding.