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"My dear friend, you will comprehend but too soon," murmured M.
Porthos was again at a loss to comprehend. "And they have released you to-day?" asked he.
I no longer comprehend anything," murmured Porthos.
"I will make you comprehend it all, my dear friend; the time for it has come; sit down upon this gun-carriage, open your ears, and listen well to me."
At such times their gratification was boundless, and they would redouble their efforts to make us comprehend them more perfectly. has ranked first out of the 200 largest companies in the UK by Comprehends Webranking of corporate websites.
The guilt that attacks Alex's soul for first leaving his twin behind and then when he comprehends what he has done to Jessica and worse little Joe makes Michelle Perry's tale of brothers an exhilarating chiller.
Analogous to traditional public utilities such as electric or water service, utility computing comprehends an essentially demand-based business model for the full range of IT infrastructure capabilities including servers, storage, databases and network resources.
Now along comes a show that aims to prove it: "Roy Lichtenstein: Inside/Outside" marshals 120 works to demonstrate, in the words of MCA director Bonnie Clearwater, that "Lichtenstein studied how the human mind comprehends space in two and three dimensions...
In other words, the spectator comprehends these shots of Sam as being externally focalised around Marion's vision.
At the end of each section, the narrator gives the patient an "interactive quiz" to ensure that she comprehends both explored and unexplored topics.
The good news in the 20 years since the first Earth Day is that as soon as anyone comprehends what conservation's all about, he or she becomes a convert.