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In that language, intervening material of the kind discussed here (79) between the subject and the main verb is common to every subordinate clause, and there is no evidence that this may be a readability or comprehensibility problem for speakers (Thurmair; Marschall; Wegener; Bisiada, "From Hypotaxis to Parataxis" 49).
Message Comprehensibility and Perceived Political Competence
Correlation analyses of overall EBS and SOC-13 Scale scores indicated significant negative correlations in men, with the exception of comprehensibility.
Students registered to obtain a higher educational degree, had significantly higher scores in the domains of manageability and comprehensibility of SOC (p=0.
58), as did the two components of SOC, comprehensibility (t(20) = -4.
The main variables that were studied in the present research were the SOC, Comprehensibility, Manageability and Meaningfulness scores.
Comprehensibility is a listener's perception of how easy or difficult second-language speech is to understand.
The only killings that bear the mark of senselessness here are the drug-related ones, which are truly chilling in their gruesomeness: a teen raped and stabbed repeatedly to death: but even they are still not beyond the pale of comprehensibility.
Policies should be written in accessible language for easy comprehensibility.
Finally, the comprehensibility of the language used is important, given the diverse nature of the target audience (Ingram, 1982).
Any attempt at comprehensiveness has long since given way to the question of comprehensibility, and to the factors which hamper, even confound, our comprehension of what happened, how it happened and what it means for our understanding of the politics and ethics of human behaviour.