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They explain compelling comprehensible input, the three stages, what read-alouds do and what they do not, self-selected reading, whether learners will only read junk, the complexity study: whether they only read easy books, and what the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study has taught.
The levels of the students should be taken into consideration since it makes it hard to read the text if it is difficultly readable and comprehensible or it lessens the interest to reading if the text is easy to read.
We recommend that patients with MS be investigated for incontinence, often ignored in clinical practice in Turkey, using the Turkish-language I-QOL, a comprehensible and clear scale.
Making content comprehensible for secondary English learners; the SIOP model.
It is clearly advantageous to have all the changes introduced at the Lisbon summit in a single, comprehensible document.
The comprehensible cosmos; where do the laws of physics come from?
Stenger provides a fine survey of the status and science of physics in THE COMPREHENSIBLE COSMOS: WHERE DO THE LAWS OF PHYSICS COME FROM?
In this study, an attempt was made to make an English film more comprehensible by asking subjects to read an abridged version of the novel the film was based on before seeing the film.
These people know how to write about legal matters in ways comprehensible to laypersons.
According to Gawande, the best of science writing is "cool," in that it makes scientific concepts comprehensible to scientists and nonscientists alike.
Kalotay's writing is lithe, her dialogue light yet believable, and her characters delightfully comprehensible and identifiable as people we know.