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Thus, anything that makes input more comprehensible will help language acquisition.
Writing instructors should avoid making assumptions about students' writing background and use comprehensible input to design assignments that are challenging and relevant.
Brendell's torment following the perfidiousness of his Guild is predictable, comprehensible and quite plausible.
Eva Grubinger's Das Diaphaidon oder die dezente Verwechslung der Gleichaltrigen (The Diaphaidon, or the Discrete Mix-up of Contemporaries), 1991, shows the artist sitting before an unseen audience with a film of a caged hamster projected behind her; while reciting a litany of dry scientific texts, her High German gradually shifts to her less comprehensible native Salzburg dialect, undercutting her pedagogical clout.
He has brought together eighteen authors who consistently write subtle and insightful--and sometimes brilliant--theology in readily comprehensible prose.
As found in painting, anamorphosis is the perspectival device whereby an image that appears inexplicable when viewed from the normal or conventional spectator's viewpoint becomes comprehensible when viewed obliquely.
The Christian does not face today the atheist arguing that there is no God; the Christian faces blank incomprehension because he speaks an ancient language no longer comprehensible.
It provides one of the most comprehensible explanations of the program I have encountered.
Levene will arrive amid an intensive effort by the market to modernize itself and present a better, more comprehensible image to the outside world.
Filmed over four months in the Osbourne family's Beverly Hills mansion, The Osbournes is heavily edited and at times barely comprehensible because of the coarse language of the Osbourne family, including their nanny.
To wit: "The blank walls and concrete planters of the modernist office buildings, the industrial facades of the muffler shops, the jive-plastic signature parapets of the fry-pits, will someday have to be replaced by buildings that regard the public realm respectfully, that speak to us in comprehensible vocabularies, rhythms, and syntaxes--not just abstractions, and certainly not in cartoons and illuminated verbiage--and that respect the hierarchies of scale that compose the built environment from the smallest detail of window proportions all the way up to the coherence of the region.
While much has been written about the war crimes trials after World War II, there is little as comprehensive, comprehensible, and succinct as this book by one of the U.