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The fabric of Syrian society is being so comprehensibly eroded as to render the country akin to something from the Middle Ages.
For there to be any real chance of clearing up the confusion surrounding standards of review, the appellate court must engage in the task of comprehensibly explaining when a standard of review applies, why it is proper, and how it is to be applied throughout their opinions when making a decision.
While Ranciere's writing does not deviate much from that standard, Drury's translation puts it into English as directly and comprehensibly as possible.
Failure to engage early and comprehensibly means missing the opportunity to help clients and their children prepare for what could be one of the most important events of their lives.
I know space is at a premium and Thursday and Friday write-ups are not so comprehensibly covered, which is a pity but thanks Tuesday and Wednesday.
As a whole, these poems reveal a woman intent upon experiencing eros as comprehensibly as possible--its joys, its ecstasies, its sensual delights, its soaring passions.
Although the regional plan was a document for urban planners and therefore not destined for the audience at large, its argument is very comprehensibly constructed by means of a clever juxtaposition of images and text.
When students communicate clearly, they not only express ideas comprehensibly, but also make sense of information through listening and talking (Bybee, 2009).
The court held that summary judgment was precluded by a genuine issue of material fact as to whether the prisoner's deafness inhibited his capacity to express his grievances comprehensibly in writing in accordance with prison grievance program's requirements.
On the other hand, the trees, especially in the Iranian platform, have not comprehensibly been reviewed in the literature.
Zippelius prefers those interpretations that "can be comprehensibly grounded upon (if not compelled by) rational arguments rather than proven through general persuasive arguments.
Their translation embodies a great sensitivity to rigor and consistency, and they are responsible to Hegel's original text insofar as they both retain as much of the structure of Hegel's German and comprehensibly render many of Hegel's stylistic idiosyncrasies.