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Journalists would gather detail on competing options, assess the features of each in light of the results it promises, and present the information clearly and comprehensibly. Of course, journalists could then take all of this one step further and, after the reporting is done, fearlessly name one policy or another the "best buy." (In fact, Consumer Reports did just this, producing excellent reporting on health care this year, using foreign lessons as benchmarks and coming down, in the end, for single payer.) But if journalists would just get the first part of this down, for the second round of health care and for welfare reform and education reform and the rest of our national business, the shift would be nothing less than revolutionary.
As one who respects Peckham's intellect, I offer this not only as a critique but also as a plea that he go back and lay out his model comprehensibly, without assuming that what seems obvious to him will be obvious to all, and with a proper response to the major models with which it disagrees.
These questions are at present unable to be fully and comprehensibly answered by the authors.
How is it possible to speak comprehensibly about incomprehensibility?
That the body is to be placed first methodologically means that we must think more clearly and comprehensibly and still more adroitly than Descartes, but do so wholly and solely in his sense.
"With great economy of method," writes Grosvenor Powell in a passing observation on the poem, "Johnson is able to turn a complex seventeenth-century poem in which feeling is comprehensibly motivated into a simple twentieth-century poem that is pregnant with undefinable possibilities.
That pleasure is multilayered, as is common in baseball writing: In revisiting the great games and stars of another time, we not only revisit our youth -fathers and sons at ball games, fathers and sons (as Donald Hall says) playing catch, "the long arc of the years between"- but reassure ourselves about the continuity of our lives and history, 'joining the long generations of all the fathers and all the sons." For most Americans (including I suspect many more fathers and daughters than the myth allows) there is little that serves time and history as reliably and comprehensibly as baseball.
Well-founded knowledge about the digital world, clearly and comprehensibly explained - this is what the knowledge podcast "Neuland" with experts from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) offers at: , iTunes and Spotify.
Specifically for Earth system science, this means how best to comprehensibly communicate our knowledge of the Earth system, as well as the limitations of this knowledge, to society.
1) The glamorous and personalized politician particularly appeals to female media users with less interest in politics and an average level of education who are looking for comprehensibly presented information.
a) A business plan comprehensibly detailing the necessary strategy and tactics to best showcase and market a chosen community…as well as a strategy and related-tactics addressing how they will market themselves to and within the community.
In quel saggio Fiedler dice che Pavese e 'far less known and honored in our country than Moravia, Vittorini, Berto or Pratolini' (536) perche "to be contemporary, in the field of the novel at least, is, as Pavese discovered quite early, to be American--a feat, comprehensibly enough, not as impressive (or as disturbing) to us as to the Italians.