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Now that the church's position has changed, and it has gained the freedom that it long sought, it is natural to use this anniversary of the constitution to look at the extent to which the fundamental rights of all people are expressed clearly and comprehensibly in the constitution, which is a statement of values, after all.
The retrospective show at Mohatta Palace Museum in Karachi Labyrinth of Reflections ( 2013-14) which ran for one year did achieve the important task of showcasing the work comprehensibly but fell short on creating a dialogue around the work in the context of his time location and critical relevance.
Being aware of these words helps participants write more comprehensibly.
In view of the phylogenetic relatedness of MERS-CoV to SARS-coronavirus, it is comprehensibly assumed that therapeutic agents that worked on SARS-coronavirus may also work for MERS-CoV.
And we should shape it comprehensibly that we give arguments that the usage is as close to the part to be produced as possible, and not to compare apples with pears.
It has been comprehensibly demonstrated that many wars seem to be connected with the steadily growing duty to pay interest.
The obtained results based on the participants' assessment of their subjective experience of the freedom of artistic expression, seem to indicate that the discoveries of this research are not only in favour of more research on creativity that takes cultural perspectives into consideration (Glavaneu, 2010), but that they can also be interpreted more completely and comprehensibly in the methodological and conceptual framework of cultural psychology.
Who presently lives and works on the earth is comprehensibly demonstrated: It is the incarnated Seraph of divine Wisdom.
He pointed out that: "The DSRs require that traders provide certain key information to the customer, clearly and comprehensibly, before a customer agrees to buy.
The fabric of Syrian society is being so comprehensibly eroded as to render the country akin to something from the Middle Ages.
Towards the end of the twentieth page, the narrative regains relative fluency, somewhat resembling the beginning, but, curiously enough, entire slots can be read comprehensibly from left to right and vice versa.
For there to be any real chance of clearing up the confusion surrounding standards of review, the appellate court must engage in the task of comprehensibly explaining when a standard of review applies, why it is proper, and how it is to be applied throughout their opinions when making a decision.