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The Comprehensive School Health Education Program and NDN work together to increase the number of school health education applications approved by the Program Effectiveness Panel.
And the learning support class at Tonyrefail Comprehensive School would transfer to the new three to 19 school for Tonyrefail.
Unfortunately, this objective does not mention drug education as an integral component of a comprehensive school health education curriculum.
In other words, comprehensive schools are not holding any high fliers down and they are raising achievement among the less academic.
Likewise, those from working-class origins were no more likely to move up out of the working class by virtue of having attended a grammar rather than a comprehensive school.
Summary: Pupils attending comprehensive schools are missing out on university places because they took "soft" A-levels, according to a Tory MP.
I for one deplore the abrogation of the duty of education authorities to recognise the legal right of pupils to attend a fully co-educational and comprehensive school and the denial of the needs of the community for and integrated community education sector.
As someone who grew up in Norris Green, who attended De la Salle School and who has taught in each of the schools in the area, I am deeply saddened by a schools reorganisation where the only co-educational comprehensive school is to close and two singlesex schools, as "faith-based Academies", will survive.
M GUILFOYLE, Headteacher, Mountain Ash Comprehensive School, Rhondda Cynon Taff
The 15 youngsters from Ormesby Comprehensive School began their training with a two hour walk around Clairville Stadium athletics track.
School Renaissance is a commercially available K-12 comprehensive school reform program designed to help teachers use information to improve learning outcomes for their students (http://www.
School counselors are well aware that the current educational context requires working from an intentional and planned comprehensive school counseling program that utilizes what is known about effective interventions and practice.

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