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There were no casualties, but the blasts comprehensively damaged the offices belonging to Qari Mir Hathim Tarakhel, Abdullah and Yusuf Malakzai, he added.
NUSA DUA, Indonesia - Leaders of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum said Tuesday they aim to achieve a comprehensively integrated Asia-Pacific.
'Led by our Crisis Management Team, today has been a valuable exercise to comprehensively rehearse and plan for any eventuality.
"There is an urgent need to tackle this phenomenon quickly and comprehensively covering all relevant aspects of the issue ranging from prevention to prosecution and assistance upon return," he said in a statement.
Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne has said Government's Work Programme has "comprehensively failed".
By comparison, Japan and South Korea have implemented five-day workweek comprehensively.
But we will continue to do our duty as journalists and report accurately and comprehensively on events as they unfold in Libya and elsewhere.
Kawamura added that Japan will work to resolve the North's nuclear issue comprehensively by cooperating more closely with the United States and South Korea.
ENGLAND'S hopes of a gold medal in the Boys' team event in the World Junior Table Tennis Championships in Madrid were dashed yesterday when they were comprehensively beaten by Korea 3-0.
seeks to impose a local standard in a subject matter area that has been rather comprehensively addressed by the state." The state allows a person to have several handgun permits as long as the permits are obtained legally.
Michelle Thew, of the British Union for the Abolution of Vivisection, said: "The existing law, which is over 20 years old, has comprehensively failed to protect animals used for experiments."
Yorkshire comprehensively won the previous match between the sides in this competition when the Phantoms were bowled out for 129 runs in just 24 overs.

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