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After enduring a run of no victories in six matches, the Linnets comprehensively outplayed the visitors to claim the three points.
There were no casualties, but the blasts comprehensively damaged the offices belonging to Qari Mir Hathim Tarakhel, Abdullah and Yusuf Malakzai, he added.
NUSA DUA, Indonesia - Leaders of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum said Tuesday they aim to achieve a comprehensively integrated Asia-Pacific.
Led by our Crisis Management Team, today has been a valuable exercise to comprehensively rehearse and plan for any eventuality.
There is an urgent need to tackle this phenomenon quickly and comprehensively covering all relevant aspects of the issue ranging from prevention to prosecution and assistance upon return," he said in a statement.
This completely updated edition comprehensively covers morphology, characterization, stabilization, properties, manufacturing, worldwide demand, environmental considerations, applications and regulatory considerations.
The Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator's Handbook: Netware Edition by Novell and Netware expert Jeffrey Harris comprehensively and accessibly covers all of the major components and features of Open Enterprise Server (OES) on the NetWare platform.
And, albeit with much less swiftness and sense of urgency, members of the City Council are beginning to look into how to tackle the gang problem comprehensively.
Like Yorke, Powers presents his selection attractively though far from comprehensively, and just as the Modern House showed that Modernism went further than Mies, Corb and Gropius, he adds real evidence to the realisation that the Pcvsnerite and Richardsian screens concealed a richer, deeper and broader Modernist culture in Britain during the 1930s.
Kleinberger (WG&L, 2005), comprehensively and analytically addresses the critical issues facing tax advisers on the formation, operation and dissolution of limited liability companies (LLCs) and other vehicles, such as limited liability partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships.
This is a scholarly text that comprehensively addresses dinosaur reproduction, biogeography, fossilization, paleoecology, thermoregulation, extinction, and systematics.
An impressively collaborative work by Ulrich Marzolph (Professor of Islamic Studies, Georg-August University, Gottingen, Germany) and Richard van Leeuwen (Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) this two-volume edition of The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia is a comprehensively detailed compilation providing students with authoritative and up-to-date research on the diverse stories historically comprising the Islamic classic collection of myth, legend, and folklore known to western readers as "The Arabian Nights".

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