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These large recall sets give a false impression of comprehensiveness and lead users to believe that search engines ensure a replication of results throughout many searches across different search engines.
A third strength is the comprehensiveness of the application of career counseling and the demand for such services.
Respondents also rated sites on comprehensiveness, currency of information, objectivity and absence of bias (advertising).
It is all of these attributes of Auto-Cite: coverage, currentness, and comprehensiveness, that give customers assurance that their cases still have value for legal briefs, articles, and court opinions.
The controversy centers primarily on the appropriate level of comprehensiveness given an organization's external environment.
They begin with a brief history of the quality assurance movement and proceed to outline what they perceive to be the key challenges to successful implementation of effective QA programs, including physician and organizational acceptance, organizational commitment, national leadership, cost factors, program comprehensiveness, appropriate processes, development of common indicators and standards, and, finally, progression to full quality management.
In the study of eight ILP offerings, Verdasys excelled in nearly every area of functionality reviewed including a variety of key competencies, including accuracy, comprehensiveness, forensics and cost.
The book's strength is in its systematic and clear presentation of the findings and recommendations, and the comprehensiveness of scope.
Among those code criteria were comprehensiveness, ease of understanding, flexibility of upgrading, ease of adaptability to the unique requirements of New York City, as well as the training provided under each code.
These principles of universality, accessibility and comprehensiveness reflect the Charter's values of equality and human dignity, and would likely help reduce the risk of judicial disruption to government health care policies.
Like a good stone monument, the data structure lays claim to comprehensiveness, sweeping all the other arts up into its compass.
Earlier, the council had approved criteria on which such a determination should be based: independence, due process and standards; domain and authority; human and financial resources; and comprehensiveness and consistency.

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