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In the same perspective, the essential attribute comprehensiveness and its sub-item available services had inadequate performance, below sub-item services provided.
Although there may not be a direct link between the increasing comprehensiveness of career counseling and the demand for career counseling, the demand for career counseling services is evident.
This analytic-rational approach to decision making which general systems theorists such as Van Gigch (1974) label synoptic "requires comprehensiveness of information and analysis" (Braybrooke and Lindblom 1963:40).
This article aims to describe elements of comprehensiveness reflected in the work of family health teams that have received doctors through the Mais Medicos Program.
reaffirm the five fundamental principles of Canada's health system--universality, accessibility, portability, comprehensiveness and public administration --as conditions that the provinces must meet for federal funding;
The authors cover an enormous range of topics, events and issues but despite its detail and comprehensiveness, the book is readable and engaging.
The book's comprehensiveness and interdisciplinary learnedness are impressive, though its copiousness at times might have been profitably curtailed, particularly in those passages marred by verbatim repetition.
3 Annals of Internal Medicine, show that all major professional sports teams perform pre-participation screening of athletes, but their strategies, comprehensiveness and practices vary significantly between teams and leagues.
Although Bann's book often frustrates its reader with its concern for minutiae over comprehensiveness, this study will serve a valuable purpose if k directs further critical attention to the early modern cultural practices of travel and collecting.
The database of water utilities is unrivalled for its extent and comprehensiveness
And yet he is unwilling to sacrifice circumstance for comprehensiveness and is forced to be selective, criss-crossing the Alps with an ease that sometimes leaves the reader a little breathless.
Applications are evaluated on criteria that include: housing affordability; local government funding and involvement; demonstrated need for infill for-sale housing; comprehensiveness of project planning; readiness of the development to proceed; and the local government's ability to meet the terms, conditions and repayment of the loan.

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