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Additionally, the representation of the filling profile is to be improved through a time-dependent liquid compressibility due to the liquid air-mix.
If we averaged our results for a fixed compressibility, we would get a graph that would be very similar to the cited one, but such an averaging needs motivation.
The Compressibility Index and Compressibility Ratio are calculated using similar formulae to Carr Index and Hausner Ratio.
As the obtained data about compressibility show (Table 3), the compressibility of the articles whose compositions are presented in Table 1 depends on the properties and quantities of components.
The results of investigations showed that the compressibility of lightweight composite decreases along with an increase in its density.
While executing compressibility research the samples were treated in different periods of time and with different values of compression loads [6].
Enduring musical masterpieces, despite apparent complexity, possess high compressibility" and that it is this compressibility that we respond to," Nicholas said.
S are isentropic compressibility of solvent and solute respectively.
The values of the fabric thickness after compression (gf) and compressibility (c) were established by direct measurement on the recorded diagrams.
For the compressibility factor, Z = [p/([rho]RT)], this becomes
The granules generally have a better intragranular porosity with better compressibility characteristics.
The correlation of the compressibility factor as a function of temperature and pressure was the basis to obtain an equation for dry air specific volume.