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Using soft, highly compressible PTFE can eliminate this problem, except if the rubber-lined assemblies are being used in high-pressure service.
Previous generations of directly compressible HPMC struggled with a lack of content uniformity.
The product, manufactured of 100% pure expanded PTFE, is described as a soft compressible gasket material that conforms to any surface, including rough, pitted, scratched and damaged surfaces.
When the fluid is compressible and inviscid, the classical Helmholtz equation [DELTA][phi] = 1/[c.
In this paper, a finite volume based (displacement/pressure) formulation, which is valid for linear elastic compressible as well as fully incompressible solid, is presented.
Besides direct compressible grades, a product range of tailor-made grades for specific solid-dosage forms, such as pellets, capsule fillings, sachets, pan coatings and lozenges is available.
First, the basic governing equations for the incompressible model proposed by the author in a recent work (11) are addressed, which give the starting point of the proposed compressible model.
However, there was also expert medical testimony to the effect that the contraindication was only applicable to non-compressible sites and that the femoral artery incision on the patient's leg was a compressible site.
Cargill has developed a new, partly pregelatinized, direct compressible starch, which gives outstanding performance with strong binding capabilities and fast tablet disintegration.
Rhodapap DC90 HSP, manufactured by Rhodia Wuxi Pharmaceuticals, China, is a direct compressible line of paracetamol (acetaminophen).
It is designed to help the engineering professional analyze and design distribution, gathering, transmission, and plant piping systems containing natural gas or other compressible fluids.
Pantheon and general contractor River Drive Construction will be employing a pioneering new technology to stabilize compressible soil and to support various structures-from large commercial buildings to highway retaining structures-that must be built over it.