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In view of the PI, Nora Lunalastike exhibits moderate hardness (Shore 25) and compression stress resistance (>230 kPa) to provide acceptable durability with a certain amount of conformation to relief plantar pressure.
This test was completed in a much shorter time min) than compression stress relaxation and permanent set experiments.
It shows that the traveling compression stress wave is reflected at the fixed end as a compression wave, as expected.
In tables 2 through 4, data on compression stress relaxation are given from measurements made after aging at 23, 70 and 100[degrees]C (73, 158 and 212[degrees]F).
The increment in ground compression stress deforms its skeleton and causes the recession of water from pores.
It is hypothesized that damage first occurs under the IT, where compression stress concentrations can be as high as 32 [+ or -] 9 kPa (mean [+ or -] standard deviation [SD]) according to a recent integrated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and FE study of sitting (nondisabled) subjects [39].
The intensity of these peaks increased with the progress of compression in each cycle during the first ten cycles, while the maximum intensity of peaks in each cycle was not always observed at the maximum compression stress in later cycles.
The toughness, or area under the curve that plots axial compression stress versus compression strain, is approximately eight times greater for a composite subjected to a 1000-inch/inch/second stress/strain rate than for one subjected to a 0.
LVG342 adhesive can provide excellent compression stress relaxation and sealing force retention properties for both wet and cured bead formed-in-place (FIPG) gasketing applications.
While they are in a loaded area, at a crack1 tip is a predominant compression stress state which cause a non-extension of crack1.