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The effect of the embedment phenomenon on the effective width of the fracture packed with proppant after exposing to compression stress is determined using equations (8) and (9).
As can be seen in Figure 15(a), with an increase of uniaxial compression stress, the deformation of rocks is not apparent and lateral deformation of the coal is marked and much greater than that of rocks; the coal ruptures vertically first.
[[epsilon].sub.c,lim] is the compression strain of concrete corresponding to the compression stress [[sigma].sub.c,lim] = 0.5 [], and it is given as
In our study, according to optimized FEA, the most suitable position was found to be the middle position of the TAD (20 mm) and femoral neck (AP, IS=0[degrees]), according to von Mises compression stress values occurring on the fracture line.
3., are higher and dominantly related to tensile and compression stress in the board planes.
They considerably depend on correlation of major compression stresses [[sigma]], [[sigma]] and [[sigma].sub.bx].
The compression stress of the insole materials ranged from 98 to 1,139 kPa (ICC = 0.990).
Following the rule that the ultimate compression stress [[sigma].sub.u] equals to the concrete compression strength fc and the ultimate shear (tangential) stress at compression [[tau].sub.u]= 0.5[f.sub.c], applying classical strength of materials formulas principle stress and angle its trajectory is expressed by:
The initial compression stress at the contact end is [[sigma].sub.0] = [v.sub.
In order to ensure safety of Zishui Bridge at stake K198+475 of Xiangqian railway and safe traffic of the bridge, underwater detection and geologic examination were used for abutment foundation and sub-grade condition of the piers, scour and damage condition of sub-grade and foundation were known, and finite element calculation model and manual computation method both can be used for the calculation and analysis of compression stress of foundation base and displacement of the pier top under the influence of different scour degree, to determine the impact of scour on stability of the piers.
Conversely, there must be play between the cards and rails to avoid compression stress on the PCB.
Hybrid compounds based on Serel masterbatch exhibit improved performance (e.g., oil resistance, compression set, compression stress relaxation, and wet coefficient of friction) for such applications as soft grips and seals, while maintaining such characteristics of TPEs as reduced cycle time and design flexibility, says the company.